Metal Deburring Machine

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SP1000 is a planet type automatic deburring machine which is mainly applied in fabrication industry for flat plate and milling parts. Equipped with six abrasive barrels on the head, each spins itself while the whole head rotates in the meantime. It can do deburring on all edges and deeply in holes on plate by the effects of abrasive media in high speed centrifugal grinding, scraping, cutting and filing. Burrs on interior and exterior contours can be all removed, but the precise dimensions on plate will be kept. Furthermore, this machine has no damage the protection film on the laser cut or digital control punching plates, but cleans the burrs thoroughly. It doesn't make any damage on the surface of the plate, nor the galvanized piece. This machine is equipped with unique soft abrasive filaments by our design to against the features of the bur. Therefore, this is a machine that effects no damage on the surface of parts and performs excellent on the non-flat plates as well.

Company Profile

Hangzhou Xiangsheng Abrasive Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is specialized in metal surface processing equipment. We are devoting into metal grinding deburring and finishing in the past 21years and become the leader in this industry.
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