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Functions and features Insulated housing, compact design, low weight, firm and nice appearance, high portability. Adopting advanced metering IC and sampling technique, DSB-101A is capable of real time and high-speed calibration with extremely high accuracy and powerful functions. With SMT technology applied inside the device, DSB-101A has extremely high reliability. Large LCD display is used as the interface with high definition. With special keyboard, it is very simple and convenient to operate. With special precise clip-on CT, it can calibrate watthour meter on site quickly and accurately without dismantling the meter. In current input circuit advanced compensation technique is applied to improve the measuring accuracy greatly. Special attracted-disc photoelectric sampler is featured with automatic collection of mechanic meter black spots and electronic meter LED signals, eliminating connection to the pulse terminals to collect electronic meter pulse. It is very safe and convenient. Also special pulse sampling line is provided to collect electronic meter pulse. Standard pulse output is convenient for equipment inspection. With automatic and manual calibration modes, DSB-101A is fit for field application. Signal voltage is utilized as the auxiliary power to avoid additional power connection, very convenient for field application. With voltage input range of 60V~380V, meter burnout caused by wrong wiring can be avoided. It is safe and reliable. The real-time parameters, such as power,voltage, current, phase, power factor, frequency, etc. can be measured. With RS232 port, DSB-101A is easy to connect to computer, download field information and read field test data. Data and assets management is very convenient. Save up to 200 field calibration records with high capacity EEPROM and no data loss for 10 years. High anti-interference performance to prevent system halt and test record loss in the process of field calibration. With excellent dynamic characteristics, DSB-101A can test real variable load (microwave oven, air conditioner, electric water hearter )correctly.

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