Electric Scissor Lift

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Dec,31, 2024

Our electric Scissor Lift are aerial work platforms which can automatically move (upward and downward, forward and backward) and turn, ideal for long-time aerial moving operations. No extra supporting leg is needed, so the scissor lift occupies small floor area, making it perfect for aerial operations in factory, underground station, supermarket, convention center, airport and so on.

Company Profile

Olift Elctric Forklift (BD) Co., Ltd. has been a material handling equipment manufacturer since 1992. We specialize in designing and producing electric forklifts, stackers, aerial work platforms, and some industrial vehicles. At, we are committed to providing unique material handling equipment and lifting equipment, designed to reduce the cost, time, and the potential of workplace injury involved in moving difficult loads. Our material handling equipment and lifting equipment are built for lifting, moving, positioning, and stacking a wide range of heavy loads in warehouses, stations, distribution centers, hotels, stadiums, shipyards, and more.