Combined Drive Drilling Rig

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Dec,31, 2024

Drilling depth range: 3000m--7000m With mechanical chain transmission between power unit and driving unit, it combines the features of the electric-drive and mechanical-drive drilling rigs. Rotary table drive is controlled by AC VFD motor or DC motor, realizing stepless speed regulation. Main brake of drawworks is hydraulic disk brake, stand-by brake is electromagnetic eddy current brake. Drawworks can be gear shifted by air remote control without parking. Substructure design refers to the "high front platform & lower back platform" layout of mechanical drilling rig, which is convenient for transmission and power system installation. Front platform adopts "swing-up" structure. Data control adopts intelligent PLC system in driller console to perform logic control, remote supervision and protection, data store and print.

Company Profile

Shaanxi Xinlong Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd The company mainly produces: shallow offshore drilling platform and its corollary drilling rigs; large-scale complete sets of land oil drilling rigs with drilling depth ranging from 3000m-9000m.