Towers desulfurization unit

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For the purification of natural gas, which contains free water separation, removal of H2S and other impurities which make natural gas can reach a preliminary purification requirements, to avoid the gas contained H2S corrosion of pipelines and equipment to bring security risks.    1, the inlet conditions:   (1) raw gas: ≤50000m³ / d, can be customized according to the amount of gas production and processing;   (2) the feed temperature: room temperature;   (3) the amount of feed containing H2S: <1000mg / m³.    2, treatment goals:   (1) no free water;   (2) the pressure loss: <0.5MPa;   (3) high desulfurization accuracy: import more than 1000 PPm H2S, the export H2S≤10PPm;   wide (4) desulfurization range, detachable In addition to H2S, sulfide and elemental sulfur and other corrosive water;   large working sulfur capacity (5) anaerobic conditions, a one-time fine sulfur removal capacity of more than 20% H2S;

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Stone Puyang Zhongyuan Oilfield Group Limited is a specification based restructuring of enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Henan Province and technology enterprises. The Group produces petroleum machinery equipment mainly run conglomerates trade at home and abroad. The main products are: oil equipment, drilling equipment, electrical equipment, pressure vessel manufacturing, environmental protection equipment, oil and gas desulfurization equipment and the production and processing of steel and camping house more than 100 in 10 categories.