manual testing machine

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Dec,31, 2020

Characteristic: The newest windows XP operation system. Winding thread gram directly display in the computer screen. Provide convenience to search points and repair testing fixture. 4 step testing, more safety and more reliable. Module design together with the universal technology, more points and more quickly, the speed can reach 4000 points/sec. Parameter: Structure: 4 shafts driven Power supply: AC220V(with insulation function) Testing size: 24£¢¡Á15£¢/28£¢¡Á17£¢/38£¢¡Á22£¢(Optional) Compressed air supply: 6-8kg.f/cm2 Operation system: windows XP Temperature: 22¡æ-25¡æ Testing voltage: 50V-300V Humidity:45%-60% (non-freezing) Testing points: 2048-32768(Optional) Testing speed: 4000 point/sec Open circuit impedance: 5¦¸-100¦¸ (+-10%) Insulation resistance: 1M¦¸-100K¦¸(+-10%) Size: 1200mm(L)¡Á950mm(W)¡Á1900mm(H) 1600mm(L)¡Á950mm(W)¡Á1900mm(H) 1830mm(L)¡Á1130mm(W)¡Á1940mm(H) Open circuit testing current: 12mA Carbon resistance: 200¦¸-15K¦¸ Weight: 500KG Conductive adhesive testing: 1-8 set as you want Optional: automatic mark function.

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