Universal Dividing Head

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Dec,31, 2024

The universal dividing head, type 311100A, 311125, 311160A, 311200A is one of the most important attachment for milling machine. With the help of this dividing head the workpiece held between centers, or on a chuck can be rotated to any angle as desired and the periphery of a workpiece can be divided into any divisions of equal parts. By means of all kinds of cutters, the dividing head can also help milling machine to perform the milling operation for flute spur gear, spiral flute, archimedean cam, helical flute and etc. The dividing head is equipped with a face plate that can be mounted onto the spindle nose. The workpiece can be mounted on the face plate, thus, cutting can be carried out on 4 sides of a workpiece. 311125C 311160C is designed for the customers special needed, the shafting is improved to support heavy load. The universal dividing head, type 311100AL, 311125AL, 311160AL is the same as of the structures and the operation handle is set on the left.

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