Full Auto Laser Marker For Piston Rings

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Dec,31, 2024

Patented Full Auto Laser Marker For Piston Rings with particularly designed piston rings delivery system, High laser output power and can be controlled by electrical current, software etc. Can mark characters or graphics with any depth that is less than 0.3mm. Galvonmirror scanning system is installed, high speed, high accuracy and stable. Robust software system:Fine marking lines;1/4 of the diameter of one piece of human hair. Low in process cost, no need for inks or printing consuming materials. Can work continuously for long hours. Applications & materials The system can mark any graphical patterns, LOGO, text and any other information.It has the advantages of clear and fine marking lines and never wearing out. The software can automatically produce serial number, bar code for the productions that needs identification labeling. The laser marking has the advantages of poisons free, pollution-free and high efficiency, very suitable for the modern automatic production and environmental-friendly. Can adjust the marking depth as required.It is flexible for multi-layer material marking. Can mark metal surfaces and many non-metal materials, widely used in electrical components, integrated chips, electric appliance, communication equipments, tools, precision machinery, glass frames, clocks and watches, accessories, automotive accessories, plastic buttons, construction material, packaging, PVC pipes and medical instrument processing and manufacturing. Technical data Max.Laser average power:50W Wavelength:1064nm Beam quality M2:<10 Marking scope:100mmx100mm Linear speed:¡Ü8000mm/s Min.Line width:0.02mm Min.Character size:0.3mm Repeat accuracy:¡À0.003mm Input power:5KW Electrical source:380-400V/50Hz

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