stainless steel cut wire shot S0.8mm

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25 kg/bag, 40 bag in a jumbo bag.
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Dec,31, 2024

We are the largest producer of steel shot, steel grit, steel cut wire shot,stainless steel shot, copper shot and other abrasives in China. Operative Standards: We strictly abide by standard of Japan JIS to manufacture. Note: Required products with other chemical components by clients can also be provided. 304 Austenite Type£ºC£¼0.25%,Cr=16¡«18%, Ni=6¡«10%, Si£¼1%,Mn£¼2% 430 Ferrite Type£ºC£¼0.25%, Cr=16¡«18%, Si£¼1%, Mn£¼1% 410 Martensite Type£ºC£¼0.25%, Cr=11¡«13%, Si£¼1%, Mn£¼1% Application: Stainless steel cut wire shot is ideal shot blasting and shot peening metal material which is also called stainless steel cut wire shot abrasive, stainless steel shot, blasting abrasive, shot blasting abrasive, blasting material, shot blasting scale-removal abrasive, peening abrasive, grit peening abrasive, grit peening machine abrasive, shot peening scale-removal abrasive, shot peening material, grit peening material, grit peening consumable, scale-removal abrasive, steel plate preparation abrasive, steel preparation abrasive. Stainless steel cut wire shot is widely used in shot blasting machine, shot blasting equipment, shot peening machine, shot peening equipment, grit peening machine, steel plate preparation production line, steel structure preparation line. stainless steel cut wire shot cleaning:Shot blasting cleaning, shot peening cleaning, coloured aluminum alloy, copper alloy, zinc alloy die-casting parts, stainless steel casting parts cleaning, stainless steel forging parts cleaning, shot peening of forged parts, stainless steel plate cleaning, stainless steel cleaning, coloured parts, etc. deburring and lighting of surface, can enhance the anti-fatigue performance, anticorrosion, concealing surface defects of work pieces to enable it to be bright and white.?? stainless steel cut wire shot removing rust:Shot blasting rust-removal, shot peening rust-removal casting parts rust-removal, forged parts and steel plate rust-removal, H-beam steel rust-removal, steel structure rust-removal. stainless steel cut wire shot intensifying:Shot blasting intensifying of stainless steel parts and heat treatment parts. stainless steel cut wire shot shot peening:Shot peening of Coloured aluminum, copper, magnesium die-casting and stainless steel. Application Devices: Stainless steel cut wire shot is kind of abrasive used for shot blasting machine,shot blasting equipment,shot peening machine,shot peening equipment,sandblasting machine,sandblasting equipments,steel material pretreatment production line,steel plate pretreatment production line,steel structure pretreatment production line. The price is for reference only,for detailed information please contact us.

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Shadong Kaitai Industral Technologies Co.,Ltd. is the biggest enterprise of foundry machinery and foundry products in China which integrates with technical research, development, production, installation, debugging services and sales. Our company is located in Zouping Fenghuang Economic Zone. The company occupies 150,000 square meters. The company has the first-class Technology R&D Center and perfect quality management system. Meanwhile, we have passed ISO9001 International Quality System Certificate, ISO1400 Environmental Management System Certificate and CE Certificate. We also take part in and set down GB/T 23576-2009 "Shot Peening Equipment General Technical Condition". All products adopt CAD/CAM computer aid design, and the appearance of products adopts three-dimensional software design and the key components adopt simulation analysis of finite numerical. Our main products are shot blast machine, abrasive blasting equipment, sandblasting machines, steel shot blasting, environmental protection dust removing equipment, shot blasting machine spare parts and so on. We provide ideal key equipment to casting, forging and heat treatment, steel structure, container, machinery, shipyard, locomotive industries. Our products have exported to more than 30 countries and regions.