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MICCELL Bio Medias used for fill-in water filtration system to adjust water quality. In industrial, residential buildings, pond, aquarium, or the desired objectives. Applications Wash or soak MICCELL Bio Medias with potassium permanganate concentration. Before I put the filter to be added to the right treatment, about 50% of the volume of water in the pond filter forms Fix bed for the pattern Moving bed filter should air volume of 40-50 ml / min / MICCELL. Bio Medias 100 liters or on demand. The motion of the material depends on the shape and size of the filter as well as the appropriateness of the placement head for air distribution should be provided to prevent the escape of MICCELL Bio Medias mixed with water to drain from the filter. Using a sieve diameters smaller than 12 mm.

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Miccell Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of insulation type Non-Cross linked Low Density Polyethylene Foam with closed cell foam structure completely (100% Closed. Cell Structure) Mick cell insulation is the best quality. Compared with insulation that looks the same.Which benefit both directly and indirectly, the needs of all parties involved.