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Load cell is a device that measures force. Or weight exerted on Load cell with Load cell to change the force or weight into an electrical signal (mV / V), which is either 1, 2, 3 mV / V, but we have used the most. It is 2mV / V or 3mV / V. Basic Specifications basics you need to know before choosing a load cell. 1. Capacity of load cells required to be measured as kilograms, tonnes, lbs. Unit = kg. or ton / lbs. / N. 2. Rated Output signals from the load cells, the signal to leave it. There are a number of mili-volt. 3. Cable 4-wire input and output of loadcell. 4. Mechanical installation Mounting Balance must Will have nothing to lean body. Such a structure, Stopper 5. Number of loadcell must select Load cell number to fit the pattern. And the size of the tank 6. Summing Box to ensure the smooth installation of wiring. and cable protection systems are great if Celtic Load Cell is more than two. or more should be recommended. Summing Box with

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