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Dec,31, 2023

10 positions roll cradle loader, with self-feeding system by proper loading/unloading platforms. The carousel system is self-feeding every time a cradle position is vacant, by picking up a new roll from proper pre-loading conveyor platform, where the rolls have been previously stocked, even in a random sequence. Also used roll management is fully automatic. In fact, the system checks whether the used roll coming back from the spreader is finished or anyway not scheduled again for production shortly, and in this case it automatically unloads it onto proper conveyor platform, making a cradle vacant; on the contrary, in case the roll is not finished and instead required again for the spreading shortly, it keeps it on the cycle. Roll sequence programmable by keyboard or bar code system, when properly equipped.

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HOSHIMA INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD. products include full set of garment machinery, from Industrial air-cooling ventilation system, cutting room, sewing room, ironing & packing room Equipments, to central management system; from the basic sewing machines to the Automatic High-Tech equipments. Most of the equipments are latest model, highest quality, and even unique garment machine in the market.