Neutral protease

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1kg per aluminium foil bag,20kg per paper box.
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Dec,31, 2024

Neutral protease One.Function and using range This product is a kind of solid enzyme which is extracted from Bacillus subtilis which is deeply fermented.It can hydrolyze the macromolecular protein to amino acid,etc.It can be used directly in beer¡¢foods¡¢feed¡¢makeup¡¢health products etc to decompose protein. Two. Product specification and quanlity index Item Index Item Index Appearance Brown-yellow powder Temperature 37-59 degrees Activity u/g 50000,70000 Best temperature 40-45 degrees Smell No irritative smell Water concent £¼8% pH range 6.8-8.0 40 mesh sieve ¡Ý90% Three.Define of enzyme activity In the condition of 30 degrees,pH7.5,one gram enzyme powder decomposed casein in one minute to produce 1¦Ìg tyrosine,which is defined as one activity unit .it is showed by u/g. Four. using methods 1.Used in beer fermentation.When the quality of malt is poor or materials are too many,amino nitrogen in beer will be not enough,which will cause of bad propagation of jeast and raising the content of diacetyl.If you add this protease,it can incease the content of Alpha-amino nitrogen which can provide enough nutrition for the jeast¡¯s growth. 2.Decomposing animal protein.Using this protease can decrease viscosity of fish,meat,etc and promote protein to be decomposed to amino acid. 3.Decomposing plant protein.this neutral protease can be used in production of soy milk,instant soy powder. 4.Used in feed: It can be extensively used in the feed of pig,fish and other animals. Generally the proper amount is 0.1-1.0 percent compared to the weight of feed. Six.Package and Storage 1kg per aluminium foil bag,20kg per paper box. This product is an activated substance,which should be put in cool,dry place.Enzyme activity can be well kept over 85 percent in six months in 25 degrees.

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