Pearl pigment powder XQD gold series

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Dec,31, 2021

Type Color Particle Size(¦Ìm) TiO2percentage Fe2O3percentage Mesh Special properties QD300 Gold pearl 10-60 38 3 400 Metallic gold appearance, bright highlights luster QD301 Metal gold 5-25 38 7 800 Gold with metallic feeling, bright highlights luster QD302 Gold satin 5-25 48 10 800 Bland luster, reddish, gold pearl effect QD303 Royal gold 10-60 23 22 400 Intense, deep, bright reddish-gold effect QD304 Mayan gold 10-60 26 18 400 Deep, intense golden effect QD305 Aztec gold 10-60 22 24 400 Intense, deep, bright red-gold effect QD306 Olympic gold 10-60 16 24 400 Intense, deep, bright gold effect QD307 Turquoise gold 10-60 20 22 400 Turquoise golden, bright gold effect QD308 Classical gold 10-60 18 24 400 Bright luster, green hue gold effect QD310 yellow gold 10-60 18 27 400 Bright luster, yellow hue gold effect QD323 Royal gold satin 5-25 26 26 800 Bland luster, reddish, gold pearl effect QD351 Sunny gold 10-100 31 7 200 Metallic, sparkle gold effect QD353 Flash golden 10-100 15 5 200 Especial sparkle luster, gold effect

Company Profile

Xinqidian firm was established in 2004, which is located in Foshan city, Guangdong province. Possess superior geographical position, beautiful environment and convenient transportation. Xinqidian plays a prominent role in manufacturing and selling the pearl pigment industry. Mainly relying on advanced production equipment and technological forces, Xinqidian developed 6 series more than 100 items pearl pigments, respectively silver white series, rainbow series, gold luster series, color series, mica iron metal luster series and starlight series. The products are widely used in cosmetics, plastics, coatings, printing, inks, ceramics and many other industry sectors. All along, Xinqidian are holding the “basic on the good faith and pursuit the excellence� philosophy, provide every customer the most attentive service. The world comes from integrity, and the integrity begin in Xinqidian. We wish to build beautiful colorful world with you.