Double flow oxygen-burning lance nozzle

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Double flow oxygen-burning lance nozzle is composed of inner pipe, middle pipe, oxygen outer welding pipe and oxygen inner welding pipe. There are main oxygen blowing holes and sub-blowing oxygen holes, and they are characterized in the main oxygen blowing holes which are Laval hole, the ratio of exit and throat area is between 1.148¡«1.919, dip angle ¦Á of blowing oxygen hole between 180¡«700. Mach number of sub-blowing oxygen hole is 1, and the amount of the hole between 1¡«8, the better living example is that Mach number of sub-oxygen hole is 1, and the amount of the hole between 1¡«8. The main difference between double flow oxygen-burning lance nozzle and general electric furnace oxygen lance nozzle is adding a layer of oxygen pipeline, that is from a layer of oxygen increased to two layer of oxygen pipelines, thus form total of four layers of pipe: the main oxygen line, sub-oxygen line, the water in line and out line. The oxygen flow and oxygen pressure of main and sub-oxygen line are separately controlled by furnace burden in electric furnace to optimize the effect of smelting. The main oxygen blowing hole is Laval hole, the sub-blowing oxygen hole is ordinary round hole, and the size and amount are decided according to smelting condition.

Company Profile

Shandong Chongsheng Metallurgical Oxygen Lance Co., Ltd is an enterprise specialized in research and production of metallurgical oxygen lances and nozzles, located in Weifang Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone. Key products in our company are oxygen lances and oxygen lance nozzles for various kinds of converters, electric furnace and electrode grips for tuyere, slag notch, assembling&forging nozzles. We supply nozzle products to various steel plants such as Bao Steel, Wuhan Steel, Capital Steel, Ma Steel and so on with the market share of 70 percent at home. In addition, our products have substituted products imported from Japan, America, Germany, France, Italy. At the same time, we export our products to Belgium, Spain, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Vietnam, India and Brazil, etc.