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WELCOME TO DR. ARLINGTON HASSAN CHEMICAL LAB. We have 100% pure automatic ssd solution , Activation powder and cleaning machine in stock. we have the solution for cleaning black (defaced) bank notes. if you are in possession of this kind of black or defaced money and need help in cleaning,just get to me for more information. I can also come and do the job for you on commission. We can still ship to you so that you can test. We supply the following solution as below: MECURY COLOR EXTRACTOR WITH CLEANING MACHINE AND ACTIVATION POWDER SSD SUPREME SOLUTION CLEANING MACHINE SSD Topix solution SSD Castro X Oxide solution For SSD Tourmaline solution SSD Topix solution SSD VECTROL PASTE solution SSD TEBI-MANETIC solution Chemicals Agents VECTROL PASTE SSD SOLUTION SSD UNIVERSAL SOLUTION SSD UNIVERSAL SOLUTION ACTIVATION POWDER CALTROX OXIDE TIATAMORINE POWDER . You can contact me directly at the following details below: Name:..........DR. ARLINGTON HASSAN Address:......232nd long park road Skype:....drente.omar

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Dear customers, welcome to VLADIR COOP. with our base in SAO TOME. We are Turkey base suppliers of different kinds of nuts and oil and biodiesel and vegetables supplied to most super markets and to individual suppliers at affordable insurance and freight rates. We have a monthly supply ranging from 500 metric tons. List of the nuts we have got in stock are as below: *Acorn/Oak Nuts *Almond *Brazil Nut *Candlenut *Cashew *Chestnuts *Coconut *Hazelnut *Filbert(species of) *Kola Nut(usually found in an extract) *Macadamia *Peanut *Pecan *Pili Nut *Pine Nut *Pistachio *Soynuts *Walnut *Black Walnut *Butternut *Heartnut (1) REFINED COOKING OIL. A. Refined sunflower oil B. Refined soybean oil C. Refined corn oil D. Refined canola rapeseed oil E. Refined vegetable oil F. Refined Palm oil Kernel oil Olive oil Cutliver oil [2]. CRUDE VEGETABLE OIL A. Crude sunflower oil B. Crude soybean oil C. Crude canola rapeseed oil D. Crude vegetable oil F. Crude Palm oil D Jatrophao [3]. BIODIESEL oil REFINED COOKING OIL - IRVINGIA GABONENSIS Irvingia gabonensis (ogbono - bush mango). Ogbono. DIRED irvingia gabonensis. Dried Irvingia Gabonensis You can count on us for your quality nuts, oil and other agricultural products which have not been mentioned. Contact us direct following the form below: Your name: Company name: Address: Phone number: Email address: Order: LOI: Thanks for your patience.