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Dec,31, 2023

Many exhibitors sold out their samples of living fish, aquarium equipment, and so forth or signed a contract with their new partners on the scene. Based on the feedback from the TV interview, most exhibitors spoke highly of GIAS2016 and regarded it as a favorable platform which promoted not only the aquarium industry in China but also the comprehensive cultural exchange for foreign buyers. Some exhibitors even made booth reservation in the next session on the spot which fully showed the good effects of GIAS2016 and their great expectation to GIAS2017. In addition, GIAS2016 attracted more than 10000 professional buyers and ornamental fish enthusiasts according to the incomplete statistics. Besides the official invitation from GIAS2016, the visitors also got the tickets by registering on the official website, contacting the organizing committee through email or telephone, buying tickets on booking site, and so on. The various channels gathered high popularity for GIAS2016 which can be seen from the pictures in the scene. It is no doubt that the popular and spectacular on site exhibition meant more opportunities of cooperation for exhibitors and buyers. What¡¯s more, the colorful concurrent activities were another important element which contributed to the great success of GIAS2016. As we mentioned before, Yangcheng Evening News¡¤2016 Top Ten Aquarium Brands, GIAS The 1st International Bettas Friendly, GIAS International Guppy Contest (China-America Exchanges), Shenyang Cup¡¤2016 Color Koi Appreciation, 2016 SGC The 1st World Stingray Championship, and so forth were held concurrently during the show. Take 2016 SGC The 1st World Stingray Championship for example, SGC aimed at promoting interaction and communication between stingray fans and the whole industry. And we had the honor to invited the stingray breeding master, Li Runlin; the stingray godfather in Japan, Pinchuan Jiuze; and the superstar of stingray in Thailand, PV wit white, to be our judge. Many visitors were attracted by their fame and got a fruitful trip. The live auctions after the championship was still an focus and maybe you won¡¯t believe that the final auctions price of an stingray reached RMB850,000 on the show. Based on the successful experience and unexpected effect of GIAS2016, the next session of GIAS must be an the highly anticipated event. You are welcome to pay attention to GIAS on the official website or follow our Twitter account @fishgzchina to know the recent news of GIAS. Or you can contact the organizing committee though email or telephone number +86 20 29188160. Please no dot miss the business opportunities in GIAS!

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Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group (hereinafter  referred to as‘the Group’) was established in August 2014,  formerly known as Guangzhou Grandeur Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.  Having been experiencing a hard start, steady and fast development  since founded in 2012, the Group has become an integrated international exhibition  company. Its core business spans engineering display,  television advertisement, forum and activities planning, yacht and  general aviation industries besides international exhibition service.