corn syrup(high maltose syrup)

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Mention corn syrups and consumers think of the sweetness and energy they offer--outstanding characteristics--,but their value as food ingredients also flows from their adaptability to many circumstances and their other,less-known,advantages.Corn syrups can depress freezing to prevent crystal formation in ice cream and other frozen desserts.Salad dressings and condiments pour at manageable rates because of corn syrups'effect on viscosity.In lunch meats and hot dogs,corn syrups provide the suspension to keep other ingredients evenly mixed,and,like other corn products,the basic syrups can improve textures and enhance colors without masking natural flavors,as in canned fruits and vegetables.Refiners produce a variety of basic syrups to meet these needs,provide energy,and offer the right sweetness--enough but not too mush--in thousands of foods Americans rely on.

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