Bonding machine for LCD Refurbishment

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Bonding machine for LCD Refurbishment XCM71 - A5 FOG/FOB bonding machines£¬ bonding equipment£¬ bonding machine£¬ FOB bonding machine£¬ bonder machine£¬ bonder equipment£¬ 1. About the application field of FOG/FOB bonding equipment XCM71 - A5 FOG / FOB bonding equipment is widely used in a variety of LCD and the large size of display panel's production and maintenance; such as£¬ television (TV), laptop computers (NOTE BOOK), liquid crystal display (MONITOR), Tablet PC (PAD ), LCD / LCM production enterprises. 2.About the basic parameters of FOG/FOB bonding equipment XCM71 -A5 Input Power£¬ AC220V 50-60Hz Working pressure £¬0.4-0 .8 Mpa Operating modes£¬ 7-inch HMI Dimensions£¬ L2210 × W1730 × H1500 mm The method of Heating£¬ heating or pulse heating thermostat The quantity of Fixture£¬ 2 group X-Y-¦È micrometer adjustable Range of Temperature £¬ RT-500 Control program£¬ PLC controller Body main material£¬ Steel + baking varnish The thermocouple£¬ K type 3.About the functions and characteristics of the FOG/FOB bonding equipment XCM71 - A5 3.1use pneumatic components of Japan SMC and high-precision the moving parts 3.2 use temperature controller of Japan and The function module of the integral PID self-tuning temperature,accurate temperature. 3.3 Imported PLC control£¬the operation of 7-inch full-color touch-screen 3.4SUNSOM the elimination structure of double-cylinder deadweight, accurate pressure.

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Shenzhen Sunsom automatic equipment Co.,Ltd . is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D,manufacturing and sales of LCD automatic equipment.we stick to the the enterprise spirit of " efficiency and practicality",have successfully developed: Constant Heat Bonding Machine,Pulse Heat Bonding Machine ,ACF Taking Machine,automation bubble-removing Machine,Polarizer Delaminator,HSC Bonding Machine ,large size TFT Bonding Machine ,PDP Bonding Machine,COG Alignment Machine,COG Bonding Machine,COG Previous Testor,COG Final Testor,ITO Tester,Opencell Testor and etc.These machines are widely applied to flat panel TFT/LCD .PDA,PDA;soldering of FPC and FFC to PCB ;polarizer removing,polarizer laminating,ACF laminating,polarizer claving process as well as various flat panel displays bonding and connecting process.