Automatic Container Mixer

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Dec,31, 2023

The DEGOLD CM series container mixer is widely applied in various powder and particle materials industries. With geometric shaped "Z" blade, any desired mixing result can be dependably obtained. The average mixing time is 3-6 min. Operator can add additional materials into mixer by outlet valve. The container mixer consists of a mobile container and the actual mixer. Here, the container performs several functions from charging to emptying, because it serves as a transport container before and after mixing, as a mixing container during mixing, and as a storage container for subsequent further processing. Mark Introduction: 1) "CM"-Degold container mixer 2) "-D"-two mix blades, "no mark"-one mixing blade 3) "300"-container volume Note: CM300-D, means degold container mixer with 300L container and two mix blades.

Company Profile

Chongqing Degold Machine Co., Ltd. specialised in developing grinding and mixing technique in chemical industry. Now we have developed various models Horizontal Bead Mills and Dispersers to fulfill industrial production needs ranging from paints, inks, pharmaceuticals, food, dyes, cosmetics, petrochemicals, and non-mental mines.