8CH DVR Card, 120fps WDT2016

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Dec,31, 2021

Features: 1) MPEG-4 compression format 2) 4channel synchronous A/V 3) 80M-150MB/h/channel 4) Chain alarm function 5) Browse image through web browser 6) 256KB-2MB 7) System can monitor real time 8) Controllable scanner, lens 9) User-defined programmable video: recording by time, motion detection 10) Uses unique CFS encryption format to save file space 11) Forms a new data file every 200MB 12) Settable user permissions and codes, settable user window access 13) Supports Windows98/ME/2000/XP 14) It can save data as BMP, JPG, and AVI formats, and can print pictures 15) Based on MPEG-4 standard software video compression, image can reach 480 lines 16) Free playback, including sector enlarging, fast motion, slow motion, single broadcast and single frame capture, A/V is synchronous 17) Intelligent zed design, auto startup and stop 18) HD auto clean file piece, keep nonstop recording and saving 19) Manual and auto adjust scanner, supports many control protocols 20) All operation events and alarm events are logged 21) Function of scenes switch remind, release guard work, improve reliability 22) Electronic map and track every spot image in time 23) Video parameters are adjustable for convenient operation 24) Multiple user levels, multiple authority levels, it is alterable 25) Operation log, many search methods 26) Camera security detection, proof moving camera or cover lens 27) 16 channel alarm input and 8 channel output and relative alarm video Technical parameters: 1) Frame rate: a) PAL: 100fps b) NTSC: 120fps 2) Compression: MPEG 3) Video input: 16 channels 4) Audio input: 8 channels 5) Alarm input: 16 channels 6) Alarm output: 8 channels 7) Monitor output: 1 channel 8) Playback model: 16 channels playback real time 9) Supports: PAL, NTSC 10) Electronic map: free edit 11) Video resolution: 352 x 288, 768 x 288, 768 x 576 12) Network support: ISDN, DDN, PSTN, LAN, WAN, Internet, ADSL, modem

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