Plastic Greenhouse

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The Multi-span Plastic Greenhouse advantages: The roof can be an opened-span greenhouse. The biggest advantage is to solve the problem of low light transmission and filtering good greenhouse plants fully accepted natural light, full-wave radiation in the appropriate season, which can directly contact the outside air, so that the greenhouse crops is delicate with superior quality. With open top of the large angle, the inside and outside of greenhouse can reach good ventilation. And the full communion of the ventilation effect is good; And the ventilation efficiency is of nearly 100%, compared with the traditional greenhouse, which greatly reduce the operating costs of greenhouse cooling. The Multi-spanPlastic Greenhousefeatures: When the greenhouse temperature is high during the day, the top window opens, with the shade effect and greenhouse side window ventilation, greenhouse shade shed at high temperatures, to achieve effective cooling purposes; When the night temperature low, close the top of the greenhouse, insulation shade in line with the system, while maintaining the high-grade insulation effect of the greenhouse

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