Sierra Leone

Bumpeh Town Group Of Miners, Sierra Leone

38 Yima Nimikoro District1, Kono ,00232

About Company

BUMPEH TOWN GROUP OF MINERS, is a community mining Village in Kono District, sierra leone and was found in the year 1976 by The Nimikoro Chiefdom and Local group of miners and Hunters who help the Government in fighting against the rebels during the war, We specialize on mining Raw Gold as well as rough Diamonds, Therefore we hereby confirm with full legal corporate authority and responsibility under penalty of perjury that we are ready, willing and able to sell and deliver commodities off raw alluvial within Africa and global and representing various mining chiefdom's here in Sierra Leone and South Africa. We presently have Gold dust, Gold in bars Form and Rough Uncut Diamonds. We work on both spot and contract basis and we have standby delivery representatives who are ready to deliver product once we have potential buyer that is willing to purchase the above mentioned commodities. For more information kindly CONTACT US so we can issue you our Full Cooperate Offer (FCO) and Manifest. Regards Daniel koroma 

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