TF-450 Coal Charcoal Rods Extruder Machine

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Dec,31, 2024

Product Introduction Coal rod extrusion machine is the main equipment of the fuel system in the shaping process, it will fuel coal powder extruded into a certain strength of the coal rod (shape according to the requirements, there are many) used to replace coal into the new combustion technology in gas making furnace. It can be fully justified on the powder coal, reducing the cost of burning. Working Principle The machine adopts variable pitch impeller, the coal powder in the back of the cylinder is pushed forward, the powder coal is received in the cylinder body, and through the front of the head of the round hole extrusion, forming a coal rod, the shape of a round hole has many kinds of. There are many coal rods. Coal rods in the course of the course of the natural fracture by gravity. Technological Advantage 1. The hardened reducer, small volume, high bearing capacity. 2. The impeller adopts thickening blade design; impeller and cylinder liner plate adopts wear-resisting casting material, the service life of 4-5 times higher than that of ordinary steel. 3. Head coal rod exports can be replaced by the replacement of wear-resistant alloy still production, easy to replace. 4. The machine head and the tube body adopt the form of a cutter, which can be opened, and the replacement of the impeller and the cylinder liner is convenient. Technical Parameters Model: MBJ-450 Capacity: 8-12t/h Power: 200kw Molding: Dia20-30mm Rotation Speed: 132RPM Spiral impeller diameter: Dia420mm Spiral Quantity: 4 Dimension: 5130mm x1520mm x1480mm

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