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Dec,31, 2021

Advantages: ¡¤ Long life, which is about 4-6 times of high manganese lining plate; ¡¤ Low maintenance cost for lining plate, which is 25-40% of high manganese lining plate; ¡¤ Small unit volume, be easy for installing and need not be maintained. The mill¡¯s work rate is increased by 3-4%; ¡¤ Be light, to reduce the burden of mill. At the same time the power consumption is lowered by 4-7%; ¡¤ Be thin, to enlarge the mill volume and improve the mill throughput capacity; ¡¤ Crushed media is attached to the lining surface so that grinding condition is improved and the media consumption is lowered by 5-7%; ¡¤ Shielding lowers noise; ¡¤ The cylinder isn¡¯t fixed by bolts to avoid pulp leakage and improve the life of spare parts, such as cylinder and gears. IV. Application: 1. Widely used to grind each kind of magnetic mineral: Magnetic mineral includes: strong magnetic mineral, such as magnetic iron ore and magnetic hematite; middle magnetic mineral, such as ilmenite and martite; weak magnetic mineral, such as most iron manganese and hematite. 2. Widely used for non-magnetic mineral: Recently, we are active in researching and developing grinding non-magnetic mineral, such as Cu, Au, Pb and Zn, and have gained great success. Now, we can design, manufacture, install, and commission in accordance with the requirement of the client. From the result of research and practice, it is proof that the magnetic lining plate is suitable for the steel balls that are smaller than ¦µ80. For the steel ball is bigger than ¦µ80, it needs designing, manufacturing and installing according to the ore specification and the granularity in each different mine. Contact:

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