Sell Polisher, Diode Straightening Machine

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Dec,31, 2023

Our products are specially suitable for chamfering, debarring and polishing the different part of metal and nonmetal, it is guaranteed that the original dimensional accuracy and the shape & position allowance of the parts will not be damaged and disrupted, and completely without any graze, bumping and scratch. With regard to the parts needing precise and fine polishing, it is guaranteed that the roughness value will reduce 1.5 to 2 grades on the original basis, and thus greatly improve the surface asperity and brightness. The efficiency and output will be over one time higher than that of the same trades and professions. When using Longzheng finishing technology to replace the manual polishing and other traditionally special polishing equipment, the advantages are as follows: it can rapidly raises and improve the surface quality of the parts, reduce the labor intensity, arise the efficiency, improve the labor environment, cut down the cost and raise the economic benefit.

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