PSA Nitrogen plant

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Dec,31, 2021

Nitrogen System from our company are designed and manufactured based on the principle of Pressure Swing Adsorption(PSA). Ambient air, having being compressed and purified to remove oil, water and dust, enters the adsoption swing adsorping device with two adsorption towers filled with carcon molecular sieve(CMS). The compressed air flow to the adsorption tower from the bottom to up. In the process, oxygen molecular is adsorbed, while nitrogen flows out of the upper side of adsorption tower and then enters then buffer tank for impure nitrogen. After a period of time, the CMS in the adsorption tower is saturated by the oxygen adsorbed. At this time, regeneration is needed. It is realized by stopping adsorbing step and reduce pressure in the adsorption tower. Adsorption and regeneration are conducted alternatively in the two adsorption towers to ensure the consecutive output of nitrogen gas. o ensure the better quality and longer service life, the main parts such as CMS and PLC, we use world famous brand Japan Takeda and MITSUBISHI, and for valves, we use Burkert Solenoid and pneumatic valves.

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Suzhou Xinrui Purification Equipment Co., Ltd is a share-holding high-tech enterprise, which is located in Xuguan Industrial Park in New & High-tech Zone of Suzhou. Specializing in researching&producing, developing, designing, producing, manufacturing and selling as well as services of all kinds of industrial gas equipment, it provides professional industrial gas resource and matching products.