CMT Waterjet Cutting Table

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Dec,31, 2020

Model: CMT-F1212 CMT-F1225 CMT-F1830 CMT-G2515 CMT-G3020 CMT-G4020 For example: F1225:Flying arm structure Journey X is 1250mm (48") Journey Y is 2500mm (96") G3020:Gantry structure Journey X is 3050mm (120") Journey Y is 2000mm (78") Mitsubishi servo motors,HIWAN ball screw&liner guide or equivalent CNC G-code running and PC based Windows 7 HP Pump: KMT Jetline 50HP (37kw).55k psi,3 shifts Different table size, high pressure pump and CNC can be customized according to the application and budget of the customers. Other features such as dual cutting heads, drilling or tapping cutting head, submerged cutting, skip&float for uneven plate cutting and so on are available upon request

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we specialize in the production of waterjet cutting machine