Compaction-Granulation (DH450)

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Dec,31, 2024

The importance of NPK Fertilizer Granulator technology as one of the most important branches of powder particles processing treatment is increasingly clear with the demand of environment protection and the improvement of automation of the production process. "powder product palletizing" has become the necessary trend of powder-after-processing technology in the world. The significance of pellet strength processing to the powder product is embodied in the three main areas: I. Reduce dust pollution and improve working conditions of operation. Ii. Meet the requirements of production processes, such as increasing porosity and specific surface area, improving thermal transmission and so on. Iii. Improve the physical properties of the products (such as fluidity, breathability, bulk density) and avoid the bad influences of segregation, pulsing, agglomeration, bridging etc. Appearing in the follow-up operations (drying, screening, measurement) and the use of the process (measurement, ingredients, etc. ), improving the appearance and fluidity, being convenient for storage and transportation, controlling solubility, controlling porosity and specific surface area and so on. Create the conditions for enhance the production and use of process automation and confined operations.

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Changzhou Fuyi Drying Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise, specialized in the developing and manufacturing of drying equipment, non-slurry pelletizing equipment, dynamic calcinations equipment and etc. By introducing the newly developed and most advanced technology on drying and pelletizing into the production process, a more effective method has been worked out to complement those shortcomings of rotating flash driers and dry rolling granulators currently manufactured at home.