Air compressor mounted on metal sledge

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Dec,31, 2024

PKS-8/101 mounted on metal sledge is intended for production of air compressed up to pressure of 10.1MPa (101 bar) used in technological processes in oil and gas industry for cleaning, purging and pressurizing of pipelines as well as for other operations. On customer`s request the stations can be mounted on Ural or another truck chassis. Compressors are air-cooled. The station are intended to operate in temperate and severe climate: minus 45ºC to plus 45ºC. Technical specifications Specifications Value Gas to be compressed, inlet gas: air Capacity, m/min: 8 Initial pressure: atmosphere Outlet pressure, MPa (bar) : 10,1 (101) Power consumprion, kW (diesel motor): 135 Overall dimensions, mm, length : 5500 width : 2500 height : 2570

Company Profile

The Ural Compressor plant manufactures air/gas piston compressors of low and high pressure, diaphragm compressor units, mobile compressor stations, screw compressors, reciprocating expanders. The units are equipped with automatic control and emergency protection. The units are easy to service, reliable and have long service life. The compressors are widely used in metallurgy, chemical, oil and gas, coal industries etc.