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CBB61 capacitor description CBB61 takes heavy-edge metallized Al/Zn film as electrodes and dielectric. It is impregnatedwith flame-retardant epoxy resin and canned in cubic ABS or PBT plastic case with characteristics of small size, reliable performance and long endurance. CBB61 capacitor data: Product type polypropylene Film Capacitor Capacitance range 1uF~16uF Capacitor Tolerance ¡À5% Climate Type 40/70/21 or 40/85/21 Rated Voltage 200VAC,250VAC,370VAC,400VAC, 440VAC,450VAC,500VAC,550VAC,600VAC, 630VAC,660VAC Rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz Operating Temperature -40¡ã C~+70¡ã C /-40¡ã C~+85¡ã C Class of safety protection P0/P2 Testing voltage T-T: 2.0Un/60S Insulation resistance > =3000s Tangent of loss angle of a capacitor tan¦Ò ¡Ü 0.0020 (100Hz) Life expectancy ClassB, ClassC CBB61 capacitor size: Rated voltage(VAC) Normal capacitance(uF) Size L W H 200,250,370, 400,440,450, 500,550,600, 630,660 1,1.2,1.5,2, 2.5,3,3.5,4,4.5, 5.,6,6.5,7,8, 10,12,14,16, 31,37,38,47, 48,58 14,17,18, 21,22,26, 34 24,27,28,29,31, 34,38,40,44,52

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