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IMPERVIOUS CARBON AND GRAPHITE BRICKS & TILES It is made from low ash,hard calcined grade carbon/electro-graphite powder which are selected carefully and mixed with bituminous binders in varying proportions. The mix is then extruded or moulded as per requirement and heated to high temperatures in a furnance. The stock material formed has high porosity around 25%. since its mechanical strength and abrasion resistance is not adequate, the product is impregnated with resins of unmatched chemical resistance, in vacuum autoclaves depending on duty service. The final material is thus made impervious to liquids and gases. This process greatly improves all physical properties such as compressive and impact strength, abrasive resistance, bringing down porosity of the brick to minimum. The process though cumbersome has found to be unique in combating any chemical attack of corrosion and abrasion at elevated temperatures. It has been established that impervious carbon is an excellent material of construction especially in areas where process conditions are highly corrosive and abrasive above 700C range, where most of the rubber linings and plastics start attaining their distortion temperature and tend to harden and crack gradually. Impervious carbon and graphite materials withstand continously temperatures up to 1900C and such linings have been known to be working for years, trouble free. Available sizes shapes 230 X 115 X 75 MM Thk 230 X 115 X 65 MM Thk 230 X 115 X 40 MM Thk 230 X 114 X 30 MM Thk 230 X 65 X 25 MM Thk 230 X 65 X 20 MM Thk 230 X 65 X 12 MM Thk Any special shapes & Sizes can be made as per customer request

Company Profile

Suguna International is an ISO-9000 Company manufacturing Carbon and Graphite Products which are highly Acid & Alkaline resistant in Properties. Our customers are basically from Oil & Gas field, Phosphatic fertilizer Industry and Chemical Plants. Our Customers within India are large Organizations like Reliance Industries, Tata Chemicals, Birla Group and many Govt. of India Organizations. We are approved Vendors for Engineers India Ltd., , New Delhi, who are pioneer Oil and Gas consultants procuring materials and executing U.O.P processes of MEROXES , Axens (I) Ltd. for the Isomerisation units, M/s Bechtel , London., Indian Oil Corporation, Larsen & Tubro, , Hindusthan Dorr-Oliver and many more . We have supplied acid-proof materials through consultants such as Monsanto , Humohreys and Glasgow , Mumbai for large projects. We export Carbon Raschig Rings, Carbon Tiles,Carbon Bricks, Acid Proof Cement. We Export more than half our Products mostly to Oil & Gas Refineries and our Carbon Graphite Raschig Rings are time-tested in service. A modern dedicated group professionally qualified with excellent track record have been employed for making the unit operational successfully. Accreditation from our clients speak about quality and life of our Products made by us and are enclosed.