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Dec,31, 2024

Description: For the transport of various types of loose materials, packed in the bags,boxes etc. They are made in various versions and configurations: stable, mobile, rotary, opened, covered and others, according to the Customer's needs Multi-functional Robot Palletizing System is researched and developed by SANNONG and Swiss ABB Company. This technology adopts the fastest four-axis multi-functional industrial robot in the world, and significantly shortens the time of every production period, thus increases the efficiency. The whole system include auto bagging system, Bag conveyor and palletized, empty pallet dispensers, Pneumatic bag clamp ,Robot palletize, full pallet staging and takeaway etc. It is widely applicable for fertilizer, grain and construction industry etc.

Company Profile

Qinhuangdao SANNONG Modern Equipment Co., Ltd mainly provides bulk blend fertilizer machine, water soluble fertilizer equipment, organic fertilizer production line, automatic formulation system, mixing machine, lifting device, overhead bin, access platform, quantitative packaging scale, belt conveyor, automatic bag-sewing device, master control cabinet of the production line for multiple materials.