5.5kw-550kw squirrel cage motor soft starter

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Dec,31, 2023

squirrel cage motor will create big current shake when it is start in full volatege ( 5-8 times more than rated current), especially for big capacity motor, it will make big trouble for electic grid and other loaded equipment,heavily reduce the equipment service life. so, smooth start and stop is neccessory for motors. this type starter is designed for 5.5kw-550kw squirrel cage motor TYPICAL APPLICATION RANGE: PUMP: wiht pump control function, reduce pump current water hammer brought about by the liquid current impaction at starting and stopping, save the maintenance cost of the system BALL MILL: with voltage slope starting, reduces the wear and tear of the gear torque , and work load of maintenance and lengthens the service lift FAN: the solid soft starter replaces the traditional starter, reduces wear and tear and mechanical shock COMPRESSOR: using current limiting , to realize smooth start and lower the motor templerature rise CRUSHER: locked rotor protection and quick protection make it to avoid motor over-hearting /burning caused by mechanical faults and block CONVERYING MACHINERY: soft starting and stop control realize the smooth and gradual start process, and smooth slowing stop ,thus avoid damage caused to material and equipment by shocks Successfully applied in many famous big Project and places, such as Three Georges project, national engineering designing institute, mining company, cement mill, stell mill,sugar factory,wood industry, chemical industry, city planning, and other place with big power motor and high electric consume place.

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