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Chain conveyor is widely used in continuous packaging which includes automatic transport, distribution and posterior segment packaging such as food, canned food,pharmaceuticals, beverages,cosmetics, cleaning supplies, paper products, condiments, dairy and tobacco.Chain conveyors can meet the requirements of the single row conveyor such as beverage labeling, filling equipments, chain conveyor also can meet a large number of requirements such as sterilization machine, storage bottle Desk, cold bottle.We can make the head of two chain conveyors overlapping mixed , keep the bottles (cans) body dynamic. There is no bottle left in the conveying line, so chain conveyor can satisfy the pressure and non-pressure conveying of the empty bottles and the filling bottles.·Chain Conveyor Specification: 1.The width of the straight slat top chain is: 63.5、82.5、101.6、114.3、152.4、190.5、254、304.8; 2.The width of the turning slat top chain is: 82.5、114.3、152.4、190.5、304.8。·Chain Conveyor Material: stainless steel, plastic steel, According to the needs of the product, you can select the chain with different width or shape to reach the requirements of the plane transport, the plane turning, lifting and fall.

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