PAC referred to as PAC, usually referred to as Basic aluminum chloride, or coagulant, it is between ALCL3 and AL (OH) 3 between a water-soluble inorganic polymers, chemical, general formula for [ AL2 (OH) NCL6-NLm] where m on behalf of the extent of aggregation. N on behalf of PAC products neutral level. The color yellow, or yellow. Dark brown, dark gray resin-like solid. The product has a strong bridge adsorption, in the hydrolysis process, accompanied by cohesion occurs, adsorption and precipitation and other physical chemical processes. It is with the traditional inorganic coagulant is the essence of inorganic coagulant for the low-molecular crystal salt. The PAC's structure consists of multiple complex patterns varied composition, coagulation and sedimentation speed, suitable for a wide range of PH value, non-corrosive to the plumbing, water purifying effect obviously can effectively support In addition to the water-color quality SS, COD, BOB, and arsenic, mercury and other heavy metal ions, the product you are widely used in drinking fountains, industrial water and wastewater processing.

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The company was founded in 2001.We specialize in producing polyacrylamide ovr 10 years.It has been entitled as the AAA-level credit enterprise.