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Marketing through BlueSmart Advertising System by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology After great revolution in the generation of mobile phones with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, we decided to use of Bluetooth technology for promoting the marketing, stable trading everywhere and all of the time and free advertising round – the – clock. So, after extensive researches, our engineering group designed the new generation of Bluetooth advertising systems with high capabilities. This is the new way of marketing which is completely free of cost. It transfers any contents into the mobile phone of millions of customers. It can be located wherever you need. Why the BlueSmart? Because of its high Technology, Bluesmart is considered to be a Unique Bluetooth advertising system. BlueSmart advertising system is a kind of innovative advertising equipments which can automatically send any kinds of file with any content such as sound, image, movie, clip, text and so on with simultaneous connection of 7 to 56 connections. It is able to sends contents to Bluetooth-enabled devices such as mobile phones, laptops, PDAs so on. It can automatically identify and establish the pairing relationship between mobile Bluetooth devices which is within BlueSmart hotspot zone. Where we can use the BlueSmart? Since the advertisement is more important among the people in today's world, for this reason advertising is needed for every product in everywhere and in any filed. So, the BlueSmart can be used in the most of Business and administrative places, markets, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, theaters and cinemas, fairs, banks, training centers such as universities and schools and governmental and non-governmental organizations. It can also be used in Night clubs, Cafe's, bars, Arrival and Departure terminal of airports; it can have a useful usage in halls, conference rooms and in political parties. For more information about BlueSmart, Please contact us anytime you want.

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The company name ADYCO is stand for: “Azar Damir Yol Shomal Gharb company” in Persian language, has founded in 2001 with 2 producing line and 10 ~ 40 staff and is activated on manufacturing advertising equipment that based on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology in Tehran – Iran.