Optical receiver Optical node fiber optic receiver fiber FTTH CATV

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Dec,31, 2024

Features 1. Excellent linearity 2. Ultra low noise 3. Compact design, only 121 x 84 x 25.2mm, saving material cost and transportation cost 4. Excellent heat dissipation 5. Excellent flatness, less than plus minus 0.5 6. Standard CATV outline 7. Aluminium outer shell 8. AGC Optical Parameters Optical input power: less than 3mW Optical input return losses: -45dB Optical input wave length: 1100-1600nm Responsively: more than 850V/W (1310~1600nm) Optical Fiber Indicator Red color: O.P. more than +2dBm Optical Fiber Indicator Green color: O.P. is between -8 and +2dBm Optical Fiber Indicator Orange/blue color: O.P. less than -8dBm RF Parameters Frequency range: 45-870MHz Output return losses: -12dB (f=45 to 870 MHz) Flatness of frequency response: plus minus 0.5dB (f=40 to 860 MHZ) Output Voltage: TYP: 79dBuV (input range in -8dBm~ +2dBm) RF Test Voltage (RF Test -20dB): TYP: 56 plus minus 1 (input range in -8dBm~ +2dBm) Nonlinear Parameters CTB Composite Triple Beat: less than -63dB CSO Composite Second Order distortion: less than -60dB CNR Noise carraier rating: TYP: 48dB General Parameters Total current consumption(DC): 240-270mA (VB=12V) Adapter: V=12V AO: 0.5A Storage temperature: -40~85C degrees Operating mounting base temperature: -20~85C degrees ESD sensitivity: 500V Surge protection: 4KV Dimensions: 121 x 84 x 25.2mm Outer shell: Aluminium Remarks: Test condition: Bandwidth 45 to 860MHZ; Tmb=25C degrees VB=12V, ZS=ZL=75ohms

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Shenzhen Longing Technology Development Co., Ltd is a leading optical receivers manufacturer. As an expert in this very specific field, we have developed most advanced technology and shaped our optical receiver products to the highest level in this industry. Due to our continuous efforts and mass production in big volume, we are able to control the cost and bring our customers advantages in the competitive market. We are absolutely your best choice for optical receivers supply as a long term partner. Please just send us a message for any query you might have. Optical receiver, Optical node, fiber optic receiver, fiber optic node, FTTH, CATV. R&D We have a strong R&D team which consists of several experts with many years of experiences in the industry. New technology and further optimization have been adopted in each new generation products. We also provide OEM/ODM service. Quality System We are an experienced and trustable supplier. We supply products of a consistent quality. Our engineering team monitors our manufacturing process and inspects the products before every shipment. A professional customer service team is always ready to consult you on all the issues related to our products. Warranty We offer one year warranty for all our products.