Vacuum Oil Dehydration Plant

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Vacuum Oil Dehydrator,Oil Dehydration Plant is used for dehydrating, degassing and removing impurities of transformer oil, turbine oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and other industrial oil in power generation industry and electric appliance factory, paper mill, electrochemical plant and mining enterprises. It can work with in regeneration device to remove acid, bleaching, improve the dielectric strength and properties of oil.To reach the maintenance requirement of the high and low voltage oil-filled electric equipment and national standards DL / T521-93 of Oil Purification System. The Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification System produced by Acore Filtration Co.,Ltd is a small size, light weight, easy to move, low noise, long time continuous working, stable performance and easy to operate. Functions: 1.Vacuum Oil Dehydrator,Oil Dehydration Plant can be used for various types of oil-immersed transformers, oil-immersed current and voltage transformers and less oil circuit breakers, on-site oil filtration and replenishment. 2.On-site hot oil circulation drying especially for oil-immersed current, voltage transformer and less oil circuit breaker. 3.Vacuum filtration, vacuum drying for the oil-filled equipment 4.Vacuum Oil Dehydrator,Oil Dehydration Plant can also be used for regeneration of degenerative transformer oil and improve the quality of oil. Company: Acore Filtration Co.,Ltd Website: Email:, Tel: +86 23 8132 4618 Whatsapp & Mobile: +86 13206063693 Skype: acorefiltration

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Acore Filtration Co.,Ltd is one of leading manufacturer of oil filtration systems in Chongqing, China. We provide high quality used oil purification, solutions, and efficient after-sale services to every customer. Since foundation, Acore had been in the research and development of oil filtration systems, so we have very rich experiences in custom engineering and producing. In order to ensure the oil purifier achieve better filtration efficiency and work well under any conditions, we pay more attention to the rigorous management during the course of the producing and inspection the quality. we have a client base of more than 200 countries worldwide.