WL-J04 ,1-3W animation writing laser light

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Dec,31, 2023

Note: 1.Many of our customers who have used laser light are very satisfied with its high functions. But considering most of the people are the first time to use laser light or not so clear with the demonstration of the outdoor laser light, we prepared a note for where and how to use the products. 2.To use the laser light, the more darkness of the environment, the brighter of the light effect. 3.It would be better not to use other lighting system if the power of the laser light is not large enough, because if other lighting is strong it will affect or covering up the effect of the laser light. If the power of the laser light is large enough, its lighting would be brighter and lighting range would be further, which would be more beautiful if uses with other lighting, projection, fireworks. 4.The lighting of the green laser would be brighter than the full colors' at the same power, but green laser is monochrome laser, so its animation effect is not as colorful and beautiful as the full-colors'. 5.There are two kinds of laser lights including animation picture's and landmark beam. Laser animation is made by projecting entities through carriers such as white curtain, yarn curtain or water curtain to achieving the formation. Light beam effect is made by sweeping the air, fog in the high altitude. Power Packing size Body size Gross weight Net weight Range Performing range Width of performing floating wave 1W 44¡Á44¡Á65cm 40¡Á40¡Á60cm 35kg 30kg 2km 100m 20m 2W 44¡Á44¡Á65cm 40¡Á40¡Á60cm 35kg 30kg 5km 1000m 50m 3W 44¡Á44¡Á65cm 40¡Á40¡Á60cm 35kg 30kg 6km 2000m 100m

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