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Dec,31, 2020

Steel bar bending machine belongs to a kind of improvement of the structure of reinforced bending machine.The utility model including reducer, big gear, small gear, and bending disk, Its feature lies in the structure:Two-stage braking motor and reducer straightly league for first reduction gear; Pinion in collaboration with the big gear tooth for double reduction; the big gear drives the bending disk rotation all the time; There is central axle hole and some curved shaft hole setting on the bending disk; There are several positioning axle holes on the positioning bar of work bench surface respectively. Because of the two-stage braking motor and reducer straightly league for first reduction gear, Input and output ratio of revolution is accurate, Bending speed is stable and accurate, And can use the electrical control speed automatically, the brake can ensure the bending angle. Use of the reversing of motor, conducts compound bending to the steel bar. Central axis can be replaced, convenient for maintenance. Intelligent control can be used.

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