Plane PH Electrode

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Adoption of the most advanced Teflon diaphragm with large ring section to make the electrode with stable liquid juntion; • Strong anti-interference ability; It is not easy to be polluted and blocked; Long life; • The reference system is filled with the high polymer; Convenient use; It is unnecessary to refilling electrolyte. • Sensitive response of electrode (the measured value 95%can be reached up in several seconds); • PH range: 0~14pH the temperature range: 0~110º C; • Pressure resistance of the electrode: 0.6MP and the zero potential E0=7pH • The external dimension of the electrode is φ12x120, 225 or other dimensions. • The electrode has the fixed cable and the length of the cable can be adjusted according to the requirements of the users • The pH value of skin, paper and fruit and so on can be measured; • The pH value of the micro test sample can be measured

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Nengshi Analytical Sensor Co. , Ltd , is a specialized enterprise engaged in research , development and manufacturing of analytical sensor.