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Dec,31, 2021

Acid resistant ceramic rings are widely used in refineries, chemical engineering, acid plants, gas plants, oxygen plants, steel plants and pharmaceutical plants. They are mainly used as linings of reaction vessel in washing towers, cooling towers, reclaiming towers, desulphurization towers, drying towers and absorbing towers. They can also be used as lining bricks in anti-corrosion pools and channels. The acid-proof packing manufactured by our company has a good natural capacity to resist corrosion, and the specific surface area is large with little obstruction. The product also has high efficiency, impenetrability and abrasion resistance. Mechanical and chemical characteristics are in accordance with national standards. Nowadays, these products are the best materials available in china for use in packing tower. The size and standard of these products is specified by both users and designers, with our company undertaking production according to customers' demands.

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