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wooden box with bubble paper
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Dec,31, 2024

How to play 1. Insert Bills/ coins 2. Press the triangle buttons to control the shooting stick goes to right or left. 3. Press and hold the "up" button to rise up the stick. 4.When rising up to your target point (Hole), loosen the "up" button to thrust the stick into the point (Hole). 5.When crossing the point and thrust out the gift, then you got it. 6. Should play within the game time set. Features: 1.Anti-vandal protection; 2.Bill acceptor ; 3.Multi coin acceptor; 4.Fast Return on Investment ;. 5.Always WIN function ; 6.Dispenser of prizes (balls and / or capsules) and coin ; 7.It is easy to service ; 8.SMS signaling function(SMART CONTROL SYSTEM); 9.Any Type of Colors and Stickers ; 10.Variable block sizes Camera; 11.Tilt function; 12.Free spare parts; 13.1 year Warranty With this unit is not subject to the law on gambling; 14.Option:1 Door / 2 Doors; 15. Various color are available. 16.Power: AC220V/150w

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