TDH -Thermal Oil Heater

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Thermal Oil Heater use thermo-oil as heat source, that is to say, we heat the thermo-oil in boiler first and deliver it to heat exchanger with high - pressure pump. After releasing heat, thermo-oil will be returned to the boiler to be reheated. The nature of thermo-oil is different from water; though the saturated temperature is low , it still obtains the high - temperature thermal energy. Because the pressure of TDH is lower than of steam boiler , it is the best consideration for high temperature environment.

Company Profile

DIPRA ENGINEERS’ a company established in 1999 having expertise in manufacture of Material Hoists. The company was initially founded by top rank highly experienced professionals in the industry. It was later incorporated under Sri Lanka Companies Act 1982 as DIPRA ENGINEERS PVT LTD in early 2001 and business was further extended from Material Hoist to Steam and Air engineering, import, install & service of Steam Boilers, Passenger Elevators, full range of manual and electric Hoist, full range of manual and electric Winches and all types of Cranes.