660 Waterproof Butyl Tape

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Dec,31, 2023

660 Waterproof Butyl Tape 1. Description 660 waterproof butyl tape gives best performance on weather resistance, UV resistance, oxides resistance, and Non-solidified in its lifetime. 2. Uses (1)    Steel construction, sun panel, drains parts. (2)    Window & door; concrete roof; pipes. (3)    PC panel, repairing of roof and cars. 3. Advantage (1)     Non-solidified, flexible, good adaptability. (2)     Good anit-UV performance, water-proofing, life time up to 20 yeas. 4. Main technique date property unit value Main contents   Butyl rubber High temperature performance 90°C,2h No flowing Low temperature flexbility -40°C No crack Long time adhesion strength Steel ball 13.5 elongation % 420 Resume % 75 Water resistance g/m 2 24hr 0 Gravity g/cm3 1.35±0.05 Peeling strength Aluminium board N/cm 33.9 Steel board N/cm 35.5 Concrete roof N/cm 38.6 Copper N/cm 34.1 Glass N/cm 37.3 Remarks:1.Testing temperature is 23°C,besides low-temperature test. 2.Life time 20 years based on 100 hours UV resistance/year. 5. Color: grey, black , white. 6. Package Packed in carton, it can also laminate with non-woven cloth, signal face aluminum foil, PE and so on. Dimension is according to customer’s requirement. 7. Notice (1)Surface must be dry and clean (remove any moisture, grease and dust). (2)Butyl tape should be stored at room temperature and normal humidity, and kept away from sunshine and hot air. (3)One time application can make sure its best performance.

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