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Pressure vessels are extensively applied as a kind of equipment that plays an important role in many industries relating to national economy such as petrochemical industry, energy industry, scientific research and military industry. Pressure vessels are easily exploded and burned, therefore endangering the safety of personnel, equipment and properties and causing environmental pollution accidents due to sealing, bearing, medium and other causes. At present, China has listed pressure vessel as an important product that requires supervision and inspection. Supervision, inspection and technical examination of pressure vessel are performed by the institution designated by China in accordance with the national regulations and standards.

Company Profile

Guangzhou Jiema Heat-exchange Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in R&D, production and sales of heat equipments. With manufacturing license for Grade D1 and Grade D2 pressure vessels, JIEMA can produce various low and medium pressure vessels.JIEMA is in possession of various advanced heat exchanger production equipments and machine processing equipments: hydraulic machine dedicated for plate heat exchanger, plate rolling equipment, plate cutting equipment, stamping equipment, sheet rolling equipment, sheet coiling equipment and various machine tools.