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Type: Ndfeb permanent magnet Materials: rare earth, neodymium-iron-boron Shapes: disc, ring, block, bar and cylinder or customized Grades: N33-N52, N30M, N30H-N48H, N30SH-N45SH, N28UH-H40UH, N28EH, N38EH Cating: Ni, Ni-Cu-Ni, Zn, white-blue Zn, epoxy and gold Segment and other irregular shapes can be manufacture according to customer's sample or drawing Sintered neodymium magnet mainly comprised of neodymium, iron and boron is the third generation of the rare-earth permanent magnets, sintered NdFeb is the strongest permanent magnets in the world up to date Has excellent properties of high remanence, coercivity and maximum energy product N35/N38/N40/N42/N45/N48/N50/N52 (maximum operational temperature: 80¡ãC) N35M/N38M/N40M/N42M/N45M/N48M (maximum operational temperature: 100¡ãC) N35H/N38H/N40H/N42H/N45H/N48H (maximum operational temperature: 120¡ãC) N33SH/N35SH/N38SH/N40SH/N42SH (maximum operational temperature: 150¡ãC) N28UH/N30UH/N33UH/N35UH/N38UH (maximum operational temperature: up to 180¡ãC) N28EH/N30EH/N33EH/N35EH (maximum operational temperature: up to 200¡ãC) N30AH/N33AH/N35AH (maximum operational temperature: up to 230¡ãC) Outstanding product: High performance: N52/N48M/48SH/42UH/38EH/33AH High working temperature: AH series with 40 k Oe super-high coercive force can replace SmCo magnets successfully High consistency: CPK of Br and Hcj are much higher than 1.67 the consistency of surface magnetic field and magnetic flux can be controlled with ¡À1% High anti-corrosion: sale spray test and humid heat test of the high anti-corrosion coating could be more than 1,000 hours Applications: loudspeakers/motor assemblies/windmill/home appliance/acoustics/communication equipment/toy/car/servo/step/DC/linear motor/microphone

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