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Dec,31, 2023

Our high-quality products are manufactured according to Chinese Std, GB HG ,U S Std, ASTM(ASME), International Std,ISO, Germany Std,DIN, Britain Std,BS, France Std,NF, Russia Std. §¤OCT, Japanese Std and some other world-wide recognized accords. Our customer are in aerospace industry, chemical equipment industry, medical industry and civilian industry ,in USA, UK, Germany, Sweden and some other countries. Titanium is absolutely immune to environmental attack, regardless of pollutants. Where other architectural metals exhibit limited lifespan, titanium endures. It withstands urban pollution, marine environments, the sulphur compounds of industrial areas and is failure-proof in even more aggressive environments. Because it is the most noble metal, the coupling of titanium with dissimilar metals does not accelerate galvanic corrosion of the titanium. These properties make titanium perfect for use in many applications. The titanium & nickel product ensures our customers that all their requirements and needs are met. It includes that every product that we distribute are approved and accredited with at least one of the following: Chinese Std. GB HG ,U S Std. ASTM(ASME), International Std. ISO, Germany Std. DIN, Britain Std. BS, France Std. NF, Russia Std. §¤OCT, Japanese Std.

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