CRLW Single-stage Single-suction Vertical Centrifugal Pump

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Material of main parts Impeller: cast iron/ cas
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Dec,31, 2021

General Description The type CRLW pump is single-stage single-suction vertical volute centrifugal clear water pump. It is widely used to handling circulation water for power stations, mining drainage as well as water supply & drainage of municipal facilities and farmlands. It is provided for delivering clear water without solid particles or other liquid which is physically and chemically similar to clear water. The highest temperature of the liquid must below 50¡æ. Performance range Capacity Q: 1.6~6.8m3/s Head H: 13.1~63m Instruction of pump type For example CRLW44P Left-11JA CR: Company Code£¬means produced by CREDO PUMP. LW¡ªLarge scale vertical single-stage single-suction volute centrifugal pump. 44¡ª inlet diameter 44 inch. P¡ªthe pump foundation plate is changed Left¡ªthe rotation of impeller is clockwise looking from the motor to the pump.No indication when the rotation of impeller is counter clockwise. 22¡ªthe number obtained from the pump specific speed divided by 10. I¡ªDifference of impeller in construction, indicating ¢ñ, ¢ò¡­¡­ . A¡ªOuter diameter of impeller has bee changed. Indicating A, B, C¡­¡­. Structure *The pump is vertically installed with the inlet vertical downward and the outlet horizontal extending. *The pump and the motor are connected directly and mounted on one concrete foundation. * The seal usually uses packing seal. *The pump adopts rolling bearings. *The impeller has construction of balancing rib. * The axial force is carried by the motor. The direction of rotation The rotation of pump rotor is counter clockwise looking from the motor to the pump. Indicating ¡°left¡± in pump type if you require the rotation of pump rotor is clockwise .Both rotation mode have same performance data. Material of main parts Impeller: cast iron/ cast steel ZG310-570/stainless steel. Sealing ring: Cast iron /abrasion-resistant cast iron/stainless steel. Shaft: 45# carbon steel. Parts range Pump, Motor, Foundation plate and Mounting resistant cushion. Remind Please indicate the material of main parts in your inquiry or purchase contract. Any special requirement, please don¡¯t hesitate to contact us.

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